Comrade (aiffe) wrote in iyfic_challenge,

Title: Final Act
Genre: Angst, General
Pairings: N/A (No, not Naraku/Anyone. I wish.)
Words: 300
Rating: PG
Warnings: Ambiguous. You want character death? You got it. You want happy ending? You can have that instead.
Summary: Music starts and the credits roll. The part of Naraku was played by . . .

The cicada’s song ascends in waves through the thick, swampy air. It is broken only by the throbbing in Sango’s skull, evident in the still-swelling bruise along the right side of her face. Her hair’s torn loose, and frizzes and flies in her face, and itches with sweat. She looks half fierce, half lost.

Did we win?

The cicada’s melody builds and builds, threatening to explode in her poor swollen head, and breaks at last in a haunting rattle, only to build again. Her uniform is itchy and sweaty and gritty; Sango doesn’t know whether she wants to wash it or burn it. She favors one slightly bloodied leg, dark and oozing, and probably getting infected at this moment.

Or did we…

A storm’s coming, that’s for sure. Sango thinks of this as being after the storm, after the violent devastation, but the wind picks up and bends the tops of trees, and leaves flicker in and out, flashing their pale undersides in the misted air, like a world embossed in silver.

There’s someone out there.

Rhythmic throb and arrhythmic step, drowned in cicada song and unfallen rain, Sango makes her way towards the figure in the clearing. He makes her jump at first, heart pounding to increase the pressure in her head so that she nearly faints, but his eyes are dark and unclouded. Face of memory, face of the past, once she had trusted this person, but he’s played the part of the enemy too many times. She says the name that recalls a more innocent time.

"Hitomi Kagewaki."

The thunder percussion finally arrives, rolling through the symphony’s climax.

Neither one moves as the rain draws a white curtain of water over the stage after the final act. Even the cicadas fall silent.

It’s time to go home.

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