Geo (geofount) wrote in iyfic_challenge,

Week #27 Drabble - Music

Title: A Heroic Little Ditty
Rating: G
Genre: General
Pairings: None
Word Count: 226
Summary: The musical story of the great dog demon who saved them all. Kids won't always believe everything.

Note: Banzo is the little cat guy from episode 72 (the one where Inuyasha goes to learn how to break barriers from Toutosai)

The children came nightly, crawling over themselves and flooding his hut. “Tell us the story!” they cried.

In the past, when he hadn’t possessed gray whiskers or a potbelly (he referred to it as being stout and sure), he himself would go present the heroic tale to the youngsters. But now it was his son who sang the tale, and Banzo was content to sit in the shadows and listen.

It was a wonderful ditty. A tale about a time when their people had been forced out of their homes by a ferocious mantis demon and the great and powerful dog demon who had come to rescue them. The children were held in awe as his son unraveled the tale, beating on drums and stamping his feet to add effects to his musical melody.

Banzo couldn’t help but smile. To the children it was only a fairy tale. A silly little musical myth made up for their entertainment. None of this really happened.

His son was drawing to the conclusion of the melody. The great dog demon had slain the mantis and was off to return to his kingdom in the sky.

Banzo’s smile widened. He hadn’t, nor would he ever, correct them that the dog demon had in actuality been a hanyou.

They would never believe him. It was only a fairy tale after all.
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