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Week #27 Drabble - Music

Title: Cacophony
Rating: PG/K+
Character: Kagome
Word Count: 300
Genre: Psychological/Introspective
Summary: Kagome needed the noise...


“I hate your time,” Inu-Yasha often growled at her. “It’s too damn noisy.”

Kagome remembered this as she placed the headset over her ears and closed her eyes. She concentrated, straining to pick out the beginning notes of Ravel’s Bolero. There – the opening movement, quiet and soft.

And she could relax into the music and pretend her shoulder didn’t ache from pulling a bow she was never meant to carry and that her feet didn’t have blisters and that she wasn’t missing a chunk of her soul that probably was never meant to be hers in the first place and that so many people hadn’t died because she’d shattered a jewel she’d never asked to protect and that her heart didn’t hurt every day when she looked at the pain in the faces of people she loved...

The music in her ears grew louder, the percussion increasing in vigor while the reed section joined in with the solo clarinet. Kagome could see the matador and the bull entwined in their dangerous dance, the cape twirling, twisting as they played their deadly game. She turned the volume up, adjusting it to match the intensity of the music as the cymbals crashed and the trumpets blared.

And she was with them, cheering as the hooves thundered and the matador dodged the deadly points on the horns. She could forget that she would never be good enough or strong enough or that her limited abilities left her at the mercy of her friends’ fighting skills and that her predecessor would never have allowed the jewel to be broken and certainly would have been able to defend herself instead of having to be constantly rescued and protected...

Above all, Kagome needed the noise of her era to drown out the cacophony inside her head.
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