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Music Drabble

Title: Tone Deaf
Genre: Humor/Silly!fic/Crack/Genfic
Pairing: Mr. Higurashi/Mrs. Higurashi
Rating: G, I think
Summary: There was a time, once, when the Higurashi family owned a piano.
Word Count: 250

Tone Deaf

There was a time, once, when the Higurashi family owned a piano.

Bitten by the sales bug, Mrs. Higurashi had bought it on a whim, patting her swollen belly affectionately and smiling before stuffing the receipt into her purse. Visions of her child-to-be learning beginners’ tunes a few years down the line danced in her head. As she nodded off to sleep that night, husband at her side, she dreamt of impromptu ‘concerts’ for family and friends, of haunting melodies and jazzy ragtime beats, of complicated rhapsodies and the simplest, commonest tunes.

That piano would never produce such pleasing sounds in that household.

The next few years blessed the Higurashi residence (and all unfortunate listeners within earshot of the piano) with a nerve-wracking cacophony of what could be classified as anything but music. Clamors and the reckless slamming of keys. Dischordant compositions of migraine-spawning quality. Aural gibberish that would be hard on the ears of even the kindest, most unoffendable souls imaginable. Symphonies so shudder-inducing and unlistenable the Higurashi adults all but tore their hair out.

He was balding prematurely. She was thinning, hiding it with a shorter trim.

Each thoughtless clunk, each heartless pound upon the keys, was one less shred of sanity Mr. and Mrs. Higurashi retained, until the day came when the hideous, cringeworthy racket their piano produced finally pushed them completely over the edge. It was ultimatum time.

Either the piano had to go, or its inconsiderate, tone deaf player.

Mrs. Higurashi obviously kept the cat.

A/N: I'm sorry, guys. The image of a youthful Buyo 'playing' the piano and producing the most horrendous music for his unfortunate audience just popped into my head, and I couldn't get rid of it. Forgive me.
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Brilliant. :D
LOL! I was not expecting that AT all. Of course I would keep the cat too. This was so incredibly cute and clever. Good job! ^^
Thanks. There isn't enough Buyo love.
That's quite original. Buyo love!

Buyo! Too cute, and too true. Cats are not musicians, but they never believe you. *sighs* ^_^
Awww poor Buyo! Cats can dream too! J/K, but that was an unexpected and very pleasant surprise. Love it!
Why thanks! Actually, it started out as just Buyo constantly walking around on the piano keys, and then I decided to get crazy and make it sound like the piano was actually being played... albeit badly.

*hugs her cyber Buyo*
Awesome! I love how Mr. Higurashi exists in this one. Teehee...Buyo is the best. Very creative!
DMHS, or Disappearing Mr. Higurashi Syndrome is bad, mmm'kay? We know he existed, so of course he's gotta show up in such pre-series pieces as this ^ ^

Thanks, and major love for Buyo shoud be spread ^_~
XD I forgive you for writting, it, its a brilliant idea, one that I can relate to....

*grins* I really enjoyed reading this~

Gah, I just remembered I completely forgot about that thing you emailed me to beta read ^ ^;; I'll get that done later tonight, promise! please forgive me for this too!!!!
Its okay, *shrugs* it wasn't really due in for anything. I'm just grateful that you were going to beta read it to begin with =D
*giggles* That final touch was just too great. Thanks for the smuile. *grins*

Aural gibberish that would be hard on the ears of even the kindest, most unoffendable souls imaginable. - Geez, you're reminding me of those years my music teacher insisted we learn to play the flute. *cringes*
You're welcome. And uh, what a coincidence, I once took flute lessons. Age 10-12. *cringes in remembrance.
Ahha! Those last few lines cracked me up so bad. You = awesome.
*huggles* Thanks, chica!
OMG. SO CUTE. *_* I have a kitty cat who loves to pounce on the piano (when I still had it), so this drabble totally rocked my socks.