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Week # 27 - Theme Music

Title: Haunted
Genre: General
Rating: G
Word Count: 298
Characters: Rin
Summary: It had seen her before, and she returned to it, no longer needing comfort but just as eager to follow.
Notes: Tatari Mokke is the yellow demon that comforts the souls of dead children before they more on to the afterlife (dubbed 'soul piper'), it's seen in episode 12 of the anime and chapter 35 of the manga.

“Do you hear that, Jaken-sama?”

“Hear what? Don’t be silly, Rin, and hurry up.”

The stumpy toad waddled on through the thick underbrush, every bit intent on finding a suitable campsite to wait for Sesshoumaru. Rin, of course, ignored him. Instead she lifted her head towards the direction the haunting sound was coming from.

Sure enough, carried on the still night air came an eerie melody played on a bamboo flute. Lilting chords rose and fell steadily in a creepy soothing way. Each hollow note punctured the air, beckoning, persuading her to come closer. Unknowingly, Rin obeyed.

Tiny feet carried her towards the source, ears attuned to the strangely familiar song. At the end of the path, a ghostly yellow demon waited patiently, fingers sliding along the flute. Slitted eyes lifted to greet the live-dead girl that just stumbled onto the riverbank. Tatari Mokke recognized this girl as the one that had shyly tagged behind him several moons ago in the wake of the village slaughter. But in a mere minute it’d lost her … now Tatari Mokke knew why.

One who had been touched by the Sword of Heaven cannot remain dead, but cannot be fully alive either.

“Rin! What are you doing? Don’t you dare run off like that!” A raspy voice emerged from behind some bushes, snapping her out of the dreamlike trance.

“Jaken-sama, I was just…” Rin turned to point at the creature that wasn’t there anymore. “…just getting a drink of water.”

Every time that haunting melody drifted to her ears, she would always be seized by an overwhelming need to go to it, only to be interrupted every time.

But if there was one time, a split moment when no one was around to stop her, she might just follow it home.

I'd appreciate it if someone could tell me whether 'slitted' is a word or not. And Jaken's words doesn't seem quite his, is that just me? What do you guys think?
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