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Challenge 27. Music

TITLE: Ballroom
GENRE: I hesitate to say Romance, but it’s the closest.
CHARACTERS: Kagome (K/H, K/K, K/I)
SUMMARY: G. Three guys, three possibilities, three realities made subconscious.


In this ballroom, her friends are talking to her. Ayumi comments how cute Shippou is, again. Eri frowns in preocuppation at Naraku’s latest plot and Yuka imitates her. They worry too much.

Suddenly they stop talking, grin at something behind her instead. Kagome turns slowly and, indeed, there’s Houjou offering her a hand in invitation. She takes it, ignores the giggling following her, and the dance begins.

It’s sweet; he holds her tenderly as he leads her between the other couples. When the song stops, Houjou doesn’t. He says her name, leans down to kiss her...

...and she wakes up.


In this ballroom, Kagome can’t hear her friends’ words; the music is just too loud. She listens to the lyrics instead, earnest promises of loyalty and devotion. The girls’ sudden gasp distracts her, but she’s swept away before she can wonder about it.

Kagome looks up to find the brightest blue. Kouga’s grip is tight at her waist, keeping her close against his body. He spins her into the center of the room, never even brushing the other dancers. When the song ends, he holds her still, reaching out to lift her chin into a kiss...

...and she wakes up.


In this ballroom, she sits alone in a corner, watching herself dance with Inuyasha. The dancefloor is empty but they won’t notice, too involved in each other. She has never been a skilled dancer, but now she moves gracefully in Inuyasha’s arms. The sight of herself slowly leaning her head on his shoulder makes Kagome sigh in longing.

Inuyasha looks down at that Kagome fondly, doesn’t doubt in hugging her tightly. The music grows louder as they get closer. His lips move with unheard words before touching softly the top of her head...

...and Kagome knows it’s only a dream.
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