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Week #27 - Drabble Theme: "Music"

Title: The Gift of Voice
Rating: PG
Pairing(s): N/A
Genre: General
Words: 100
Warnings: Could be considered "post-series."
Summary: "She was silent in the beginning." But with love, care, and a passing whim, the life of a child is changed forever, and a beautiful gift is bestowed upon the demon world.


The Gift of Voice

She was silent in the beginning—still air, cruel sunset, and the curious stares of a desensitized mind in the thick of forests and bloody bones, who whisper the beatings of a meaningless life; a life of hollow tones and wicked inspiration.

A passing whim and the hum of circumstance, and the life of a child is changed forever.

Now her voice is full of song, and a haunting sound escapes her lips. She has grown, quiet lovely, into a delicate muse, who soothes the night with a silvery tune, and reminds her Lord of his greatest gift—the gift of voice.

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