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One-shot Week 15: Teamwork

Title: Rabbits for Sale
Rating: PG
Genre: Humor/General
Pairings: Rin/Jakken Friends
Word Count: 453
Warning: Probably OOC
Notes: Just a random plot bunny generated in a conversation about the breeding power of plot bunnies ^_^

Summary: Rin coerces Jakken into hunting for rabbits while Sesshoumaru's away...

Rabbits for Sale

Rin pounced on the unsuspecting furry animal hiding in the tall grass of the meadow and grabbed it between her hands; she had gotten good at catching the cute little creatures over the last few days. Beaming, she clambered to her feet and turned to her partner in crime, Master Jaken.

"I caught another one, Master Jaken!" she beamed as she carefully began walking towards the kappi youkai. She could feel the rabbit's heart beating madly underneath her fingers, causing her happiness to be lightly tinged with concern.

"Hurry it up!" he squealed as he waddled towards her carrying a wriggling cloth sack in his hands.

"Hai," Rin said as she picked up her pace, regret pushed firmly behind her. Coming up beside him, she waited for her companion to open up the sack before releasing her prize to join the brown and white speckled furry mass inside.

"Do you think that's enough of them?" she asked, hoping she wouldn't have to catch any more. She'd much rather tackle flower beds then terrified rabbits no matter how cute and soft they were.

"How should I know," he squawked, snapping the sack closed and tying it off with a slim strip of cloth to prevent the squirming rabbits from escaping.

Rin frowned. "But Master Jaken, we need all the money we can get for my new kimono."

Jaken sighed. He was tired of trailing after the girl for the last three days while she chased bunny rabbits. She wouldn't hear of anyone helping her out with a coin or two. Better that insult then playing nursemaid to both the girl and rabbits! But no, she had to earn the money fair and square and so resorted to a method she used in her village, collect rabbits and trade them to other children in return for cloth or hand-me-downs. Sometimes, she sold them to other villagers as evening meal.

Glaring, Jaken kicked the bag of rabbits. "Baka rabbits. It is beneath me to scrounge for furry animals and bargain with humans. Lord Sesshoumaru will hear of this when he returns!"

Rin rolled her eyes and turned around. Walking a few steps forward, she called over her shoulder, "Are you coming Master Jaken? Lord Sesshoumaru will be returning soon, and I must have a new kimono before then!"

Jaken snapped his head up as tears filtered into his eyes. The wrath of Lord Sesshoumaru would be grave indeed if his pet wasn't properly clothed in time. Blinking, he saw Rin stroking Ah-Un's head on the other side of the meadow.

Crying, "Wait for me!" he began running, trying desperately to keep from tripping over his clothing while half carrying, half dragging rabbits for sale behind him.
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