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Music Drabble (Week Twenty-Seven)

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Title: Namesake
Genre: General/Hints of romance
Pairing: Kagome/InuYasha
Rating: PG
Word Count: 300
Summary: InuYasha learns about a game...
Note: For brief information on the game 'Kagome-Kagome' go here.

The mid-afternoon sunlight bore down as InuYasha carried an armful of vegetables back to the village. He'd deny it, but he enjoyed their stays in Kaede's village. As he approached, he noticed a group of children standing in an organized circle. In the center was Shippou, barely visible around the taller children. They circled 'round him in rhythm to what they sang. Nearby Kagome was humming as she tapped a pencil on her book.

It was the song that caught his attention. Or rather, one word in it.


InuYasha was confused. It appeared to be a game, but what game would involve the name of a girl from the future?

That very girl called out, interrupting his musing.

"Neh InuYasha, you want to join?" Kagome inquired.

"Keh, no.”

She didn't question him further, just smiled and went back to her schoolwork.

Kagome wasn’t surprised when only moments later InuYasha crouched down next to her.

"Oi… what are they doing?"

"Playing a game I taught them."

"About you?"

She laughed. "Not about me, but it's what I was named after. It's a children's game Mama liked as a child."

"Can you… sing it?" He tentatively asked, blush faint on his cheeks.

Kagome pinked as well. "I… uhh… sure." Clearing her throat she began.

Kagome, Kagome,
When does the bird inside the cage come out?
At dawns and evenings.
Who is in front of the back where a crane and turtle slipped and fell?

InuYasha's face scrunched a bit, "What the hell is it about?"

"I don't know actually."

Glancing about to make sure no one else would hear; he placed a hand upon her shoulder and softly smiled. "Well… I like it."

Kagome's mouth formed an 'o', her cheeks reddening. Placing her hand upon his, she beamed. "Thank you InuYasha."
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