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Week #27- Drabble Voting

Okay, we still don't have enough oneshots- so that deadline will be Friday at midnight. Here's the drabble voting though, which will also end on Friday at that time.

The Drabble theme for this week was:


1. vocal, instrumental, or mechanical sounds having rhythm, melody, or harmony

The drabble just needed to focus on music, using the definition as a given.

Please vote in the following format:

1st Place- #/Story Title
2nd Place- #/Story Title
3rd Place- #/Story Title

Or if you're worried about LJ not putting your comment through, you can email them to me as well.

Any notes you'd like to make on why placed them as you did are encouraged. Please try and put the story number with your post as sometimes titles are similiar. And yes, commenting on the drabbles during voting is permitted and encouraged. ^^

Voting will end at midnight on Friday (central-standard time).


1-- Hanyou of the Opera
2-- Hating Tchaikovsky
3-- Remix
4-- Final Act
5-- A Heroic Little Ditty
6-- Cacophony
7-- Dream a Little Dream...
8-- Tone Deaf
9-- Haunted
10-- Ballroom
11-- The Gift of Voice
12-- Namesake
13-- Of Song
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