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Week #27 - Drabble Theme: Music

Title: Of Song
Rating: G
Pairings: Sesshoumaru/Rin...I t'ink.
Genre: General
Words: 300
Warnings: None really.
Author's Notes: This drabble is kinda corny, I know, but I like it anyway ^^
Summary: I will wait alone until you come. Sesshoumaru-sama, please return.

Of Song
by Erika N.

It was starting again. The walls seemed to be closing in. Closer and closer they came, and at an unbearably steady pace.

He didn’t want to hear it, but at the same time he did.

But Jaken didn’t want to hear it. Period. He delved into a wild tangent, and twirled to pin Rin with a glare, “Rin, won’t you please stop that infernal racket!”

Rin gave the imp a clueless look in return as she continued to sit upon Ah and Un, hands clenching and unclenching clumsily at their scales in an attempt to keep from falling. And then she looked at him…he could feel it! Her innocent eyes scorching away the hair covering the back of his head and drilling a hole right through his skull.


Sesshoumaru sighed, an unsettling frown sorting its way onto his face amongst the curves of his demonic markings. He knew what she was waiting for. There was no use in prolonging the inevitable.

“Do as you wish,” was his answer before he resumed walking towards a broad, seemingly endless mouth of a vast forest.

Then he heard it and tried his best to refrain from cracking a smile. Her cherubic voice floated up to him from behind, tapping him incessantly on his shoulders, tugging at the pointed tips of his ears, and doing everything possible in order to gain his attention.

In the mountain,

In the forest,

In the wind,

In a dream,

Where are you, Sesshoumaru-sama?

Sesshoumaru’s lids wilted slightly. His footfalls slowed decimally. No, please stop, he wanted to say, but didn’t obtain enough willpower to do so.

I will wait alone until you come,

Sesshoumaru-sama, please return.

Rin, he thought before allowing his lips to crick into an imperceptible, half-smile, his feet carrying him away into the forest.
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