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InuYasha Fanfiction Challenge
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Welcome to InuYasha Fanfiction Challenge

This community is currently on hiatus. Feel free to join and participate when it's back up and running again. ^^


- This community is a weekly/bi-weekly challenge for drabbles and short-fiction stories for "InuYasha"

- Each week a new theme will be issued and authors will be challenged to write a drabble or a one-shot centered on that theme. Then, voting will be held and banners will be awarded to the winners

- The drabble contest will have a one-week deadline and all drabbles for that contest are to be submitted within that week. The one-shot theme will run two weeks, giving extra time for the lengthier pieces to be worked on.


1) The story/drabble must be new and written specifically for the challenge.

2) LJ-cut all works, whether drabble or one-shot. If you aren't sure how, look at the LJ FAQ for it.

3) Please submit all challenge entries in the format listed below.

4) All authors appreciate feedback, so please make an effort to comment as much as possible. Constructive criticism is okay, but please keep it polite and civil.

5) Please do not post any non-challenge fanfictions or drabbles here. There is inuyasha_fanfic or 100shards for plugging of your other works.

6) Please do not post the story/drabble in your own journal or on fanfiction.net until after the winners are announced.

7) I hope it goes without saying, but please act like civil, mature individuals. This includes no character bashing (unless, for example, it is IC via a character- like Naraku thinking about how he hates Kikyou) or inflammatory replies to stories.

8) Have fun, play nice, and keep on writing!

Submission Format:

As noted above, all stories are to be submitted with this following format then include the drabble/one-shot itself behind an LJ-cut in the post.

Subject Line: (please put "Week # - Theme" in the subject line of your entry post)

Title: (does not have to be the theme or include the theme-word unless otherwise noted)

Rating: (All rating levels are accepted, but rape/non-consensual sexual situations are not allowed. Lemons are all right for a theme once in awhile, but please write outside the sexual angle for the majority of your submissions)

Genre: (Please list all that apply and note if it is Alternate Universe or Alternate Reality if it is outside the Canon Universe or Plotline.)

Pairings: (Please list all that apply. In the case of the unknown being absolutely needed for impact, please at least list "surprise pairing" or Name/???.)

Word Count: (Please let me know what the final count is. You can use this site to check if your processing program doesn't have it.)

Summary: (Please give at least a sentence long description on the story we are about to read. You may use a line from the story if you feel it truly captures the piece. You can also use this space to warn about possible spoilers.)

The Drabble/One-shot: (Drabbles are to be 100-300 words, no more, but it can't be less than 50. One-shots must be more than 300 words in length. Please no script formatting or just disjointed dialogue without narrative)


Voting will take place on a weekly basis for the drabbles and a bi-weekly basis for the one-shots. We ask that you vote on the drabble/one-shot that best captures the theme and characters, while still remaining true to the series.

Voting will be done via a screened post put up after the deadline. You are asked to reply in the following manner:

1st Place- Story Title by Story Author
2nd Place- Story Title by Story Author
3rd Place- Story Title by Story Author

Any notes you'd like to make on why placed them as you did are encouraged and will be forwarded to the author after voting if you wish.

As for my entering myself- even if I write something for the theme, I will not include it in the voting post unless it is necessary to have enough entries. Since the way the scheduling works here is on rotation, I don't want to have to extend themes unless I absolutely have to. I guess it's just a me-thing, but I feel weird entering a contest I myself moderate. I just want to keep things fair, so that's the policy I hold on that issue.


Awards will be given for the top-three placements in each section (1st, 2nd, 3rd Drabbles and 1st, 2nd, 3rd One-shots) and if there are enough submissions to warrant it, a Moderator's Choice award will be given out as well.

After the "Winners" post with the placements is posted up, you may post your drabble/oneshot up to fanfiction.net or anywhere else.

Week #1- Drabble Theme: Celebration
Week #2- Drabble Theme: Snow
Week #3- Drabble Theme: Smile
Week #4- Drabble Theme: Remember
Week #5- Drabble Theme: Flowers
Week #6- Drabble Theme: Protection
Week #7- Drabble Theme: Secrets
Week #8- Drabble Theme: Higurashi Kagome
Week #9- Drabble Theme: Hope
Week #10- Drabble Theme: Rain
Week #11- Drabble Theme: Childhood
Week #12- Drabble Theme: Friendship
Week #13- Drabble Theme: Stars
Week #14- Drabble Theme: Lucky
Week #15- Drabble Theme: Home
Week #16- Drabble Theme: Miroku
Week #17- Drabble Theme: Promise
Week #18- Drabble Theme: Water
Week #19- Drabble Theme: Summer
Week #20- Drabble Theme: Opposites
Week #21- Drabble Theme: Gift
Week #22- Drabble Theme: Strength
Week #23- Drabble Theme: Magic
Week #24- Drabble Theme: Loyalty


Week #1- Oneshot Theme: Chopsticks
Week #2- Oneshot Theme: Hair
Week #3- Oneshot Theme: Happy Ending
Week #4- Oneshot Theme: Villain
Week #5- Oneshot Theme: Gold, Green or White
Week #6- Oneshot Theme: Bad Day
Week #7- Oneshot Theme: Jewelry
Week #8- Oneshot Theme: Springtime of Youth
Week #9- Oneshot Theme: Scars
Week #10-11- Oneshot Theme: Wish
Week #12- Oneshot Theme: Fate/Destiny
Week #13- Oneshot Theme: Resolution


Any questions may be directed to the moderator, abarero at tailfluff@livejournal.com